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Marian McPartland has Died at 95

NEW YORK — Marian McPartland, a renowned jazz pianist and host of the National Public Radio show "Piano Jazz," died on August 20th. She was 95. McPartland died of natural causes at her Port Washington home on Long Island, said Anna Christopher Bross, an NPR spokeswoman. Her career spanned more than six decades.

McPartland became a fixture in the jazz world as a talented musician and well-loved radio personality.

Bill Evans fans will recall her great personal friendship with Bill and the highly memorable episode of "Piano Jazz" (one of her first) she did with Evans back in 1978.

I had the privelege of working alongside her at the 2000 Bill Evans Tribute concert at the 92nd St Y in NYC in 2000. She couldn't be a nicer person, and was very encouraging and complimentary to me, something I will never forget. She was a huge talent, a marvelous pianist and composer, and a very sweet lady. She will be sorely missed.

(See the NY Times obit here)


1966 Town Hall concert pics of the Trio become available

Getty Images, one of the largest photo archives in the world, has acquired a set of twelve black-and-white photographs of the 1966 Bill Evans Trio (with Chuck Israels and Arnie Wise) at Town Hall in NYC, taken in February of that year, the night of the live recording for Verve. These are previously unreleased and also show Bill alone backstage. Go here to view them. (special thanks to Marc Myers)




NEW 2-CD RELEASE: The Sesjun Radio Shows

See our friend Marc Myers superb review
at jazzwax.com here

(The following info and write-up is courtesy of our long- time friend Dr. Rob Rejneke. Please visit his great European Bill Evans site here!)

The small Dutch village Laren has a long jazz tradition. More recent jazzpodia are the former Boerenhofstede, the Singer Museum and Nick Vollebregt's Jazzcafe. Bill Evans played several times in these locations.

A Dutch public broadcasting organisation (TROS) began its radio jazz concerts in 1973 under the name SESJUN. It was broadcast from the Boerenhofstede, and Nick Vollebregt's Jazzcafe, and became the permanent spot for a first class series of concerts. With producer Dick de Winter and Cees Schrama as broadcasters, the program became very popular. These radio programs have been broadcast by more than 200 public radio stations in the USA and Canada. This CD is a compilation of recordings from 1973, 1975 and 1979 with Eddie Gomez, Eliot Zigmund, Marc Johnson, Joe LaBarbera and Toots Thielemans. Perfect audio quality!

Read Will Layman's great new REVIEW at popmatters.com

Here's the amazon,com link.. and cduniverse.com

Disk 1

1. Up With the Lark
2. Time Remembered
3. T.T.T.
4. The Two Lonely People
5. Some Other Time
6. Sugar Plum
7. Sareen Jurer
8. Morning Glory
9. T.T.T.T. (Twelve Tone Tune Two)
10. Blue Serge

Disk 2

1. If You Could See Me Now
2. My Romance
3. Laurie
4. Nardis
5. Blue in Green
6. Days of Wine and roses
7. I Do it For Your Love
8. Bluesette
9. Five


Special thanks also to Mike Harris for important corrections!


NEW CD set: Top of the Gate- new 'live' in NYC Bill Evans Trio 1968


NOT a boot! From Resonance Records: Recorded October 23, 1968, at Art D'Lugoff's Top of the Gate. NYC, and featuring Eddie Gomez on bass and Marty Morell on drums.

TWO complete never before released sets, all previously unheard performances, including one of Marty Morell's first gigs with the trio! The only Bill Evans recording ever released from The Village Gate, NYC!

See the new COVER STORY on Bill and this CD in the new Sept. 2012 DOWNBEAT issue!

Digitally remastered from the original tapes, recorded and mixed 'live' providing stellar sound and clarity. This CD set features rare tracks (in some cases recorded live with the Bill Evans trio for the very first time). Deluxe 2- CD deluxe digi-pack contains a 28 page booklet with essays by Eddie Gomez, Marty Morell, Nat Hentoff, Gary Burton, George Klabin and Art D'Lugoff's son, Raphael D'Lugoff.

(Read a substantial review at the "Second Disc" website here)

Includes iconic photos by Tom Copi, Jan Persson, Raymond Ross, Fred Seligo, & Herb Snitzer.Also includes Interesting historical documents including contracts, postcards, family photos and more!

Read Marc Myers' WALL ST.JOURNAL piece here, and the even better piece he did for his JazzWax site here.)



The complete JAZZ 625 TV performance (1965) now FREE online

The trio with Chuck Israels, bass and Larry Bunker, drums. Recorded live by the BBC in London, March 19, 1965. If you've never seen this great performance, now's your chance to view the whole thing!

From openculture.com


Set One:

Five,” by Bill Evans, “Elsa,” by Earl Zindars, “Summertime,” by George Gershwin, “Come Rain or Come Shine,” by Harold Arlen, “My Foolish Heart,” by Victor Young, “Re: Person I Knew,” by Bill Evans, “Israel,” by Johnny Carisi, “Five,” by Bill Evans (reprise)

Set Two:
“Five,” by Bill Evans, “How My Heart Sings,” by Earl Zindars, “Nardis,” by Miles Davis, “Who Can I Turn To?” by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, “Someday My Prince Will Come,” by Frank Churchill, “How Deep is the Ocean?” by Bill Evans, “Five,” by Bill Evans (reprise)

"The Two Brothers as I Knew Them -
Harry and Bill Evans" - by Harry's widow Pat


A brief but thoroughly engaging account of the loving relationship between Bill Evans and his older brother (and pianist/teacher) Harry. It's by Pat Evans, who was married to Harry and observed Bill and his brother close-up over many years. As serious Evans fans know, the two had an abiding life-long affinity and Bill was all but destroyed when Harry took his own life in 1978, and his drug use increased. You'll enjoy this and only wish there was more. Some rare photos are included. (Opens up to a .pdf, which you can instantly print into an 11-page document)





Bill Evans Posters and Photos

evans wall posterPerhaps the most asked question I get in email is where can one obtain high-quality photos and posters of Bill Evans. Keep in mind that like music, the photos taken of Bill in his lifetime are the copyrighted and individually-owned work of the photographers who took them (or their respective estates) Thus, only photographers or their agents or representatives, or those licensed to market these photos may do so. This is one reason why this site has never sold, or will sell or otherwise distribute Evans photographs.

However, this site -- allposters.com offers several photos (primarily album covers, framed and not framed that may be exactly what some of you have been looking for. (the link will take you right to the Bill Evans page there.

Check them out, and happy hunting!


"The Big Love: Life and Death with Bill Evans" - Two reviews

Here's our new review by bassist / Evans scholar Win Hinkle

(By the way, Win's Bill Evans blog is back. Check it out!)

Here's our new review by John Varrallo

Most of you know about Laurie Verchomin, Bill Evans' girlfriend with whom he lived in the last year and a half of his life. Her new book about her coming of age and her times with Bill is now available. Laurie is offering a special Collector's Edition of the book, with a beautiful reproduction of a humorous and intriguing drawing Bill did. (Guitarist extraordinaire and Evans aficiando John McLaughlin wrote the book's introduction!)

She decribes all this in more detail on a video (and how to get the book) at her website, laurieverchomin.com.. THE BIG LOVE is now also available on amazon.com

Definitely take a look, you'll be fascinated!

DON"T FORGET to check out Marc Myers' interiew and backround of Laurie HERE


Breakfast with Bill Evans

The allaboutjazz.com editor, Michael Ricci (a great guy, by the way) emailed me to say that AAJ is running a rare 1979 interview with Bill Evans. It was done by Bob Kenselaar over breakfast (Bill made omelettes) at his Fort Lee, NJ apartment in 1979. It's agreat read, and you'd be foolish to miss it. Thanks to Mike and Bob for their nice notes, too!


RECENT CD : 1977 trio 'live', but with Eliot Zigmund and Chuck Israels!

This release contains a rare Bill Evans performance issued for the first time ever. The unique formations consists of Evan’s drummer of the period, Eliot Zigmund, plus bassist Chuck Israels, who had left the trio in 1966. This was a very special reunion, as was the program, which included some songs rarely recorded by Evans during his final years, like Summertime, Some Other Time, and I Loves You Porgy. No other recorded testimony exists of this exact formation of Evans’ trio!



Recorded at the Eastman Theatre, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York, Autumn 1977.

Label: RLR 88663
Release date: April 12, 2011


01. Announcement by Bill Evans
02. Emily
03. Time Remembered
04. Summertime;
05. In Your Own Sweet Way
06. I Loves You Porgy
07. Up With The Lark
08. Some Other Time,
09. My Romance

"Eddie Gomez had made his last recording with Evans, but he continued to play in the trio for a few more months. In autumn 1977 a date at the Eastman School of Music at Rochester, New York, was scheduled. But Gomez had a recording session fixed in California and was unable to play. Evans asked his former bassist Chuck Israels to fill in and, confident that the problem was solved, discussed repertoire with him on the flight from New York City." (from Peter Pettiger’s Bill Evans biography How My Heart Sings)
(Import. Try here.) The site overstock.com has it for about eleven dollars (USA)

"Five Ways to Play Like Bill Evans" by Andy Laverne

PIANO PLAYERS TAKE NOTE: The January 2011 issue of Keyboard Magazine has a good piece by our friend, the pianist, teacher and recording artist Andy Laverne, as titled above. Not than anyone can really "play like Bill Evans" per se, but Andy shows us some valuable useful examples of Bill's tools, like the ascending triads used in a tune like "Re: Person I Knew" (though not named as such in the piece), some inner voice movement, and a few rich examples of some techniques Evans used in building his lines. VERY worthwhile -- and luckily, it is now all online! If you get confused while trying to decyper the haphazard-looking musical examples, keep it in mind to click on them and they each open much larger in another window. Audio examples are there as well, completing the package.

This is another example of the fine work Andy has done on BIll's music over several decades as a Keyboard Magazine contributor (not to mention his recordings and music books)! It's a rare thing to see lessons like this on the web, so take advantage of it, and check it out!

CD: "The Very Last Performance" - and a guest review

A surreptitiously taped copy of the September 10th, 1980 Bill Evans Trio performance (his very last one) has been floating around for a few years, a copy of which an anonymous site visitor sent me, unsolicted, sometime ago..

The sets, recorded at NYC's long-gone Fat Tuesday's (five days before the end) show Evans at a frighteningly high creative and totally genius level -- even without considering what we now know about the details of his rapid deteriortion then. (He called in sick the next day and the fine pianist Andy Laverne finished the week out, and Bill passed on that Sunday the15th) Marc Johnson on bass plays almost miraculously, anticipating and landing squarely on the pianist's often unpredictable chord movements and tempo shifts in reubato. Sound is adequate, but the piano is clear and clean, if not a but mid-rangey, according to several sources. But what a performance!

I haven't heard THIS release, though I can tell you that the.copy of the gig that I have runs fast, and unforgiveably so. It is horrendous, harmomically, to have to hear "My Foolish Heart" in Bb, and "Your Story" in Ab, let alone the speed issue.

BUYER BEWARE: Two Evans experts I know and trust contacted me to the effect that“Like Someone in Love” and “If You Could See Me Now” are the same recordings that appear on the "Turn Out the Stars" Village Vanguard June 1980 sessions. An analysis was done with sophisticated audio software that proves it. Who knows what ELSE is real or fabricated on this CD!?

Note (2/21/11) : I got an email from our friend Eric Min-Tung in France. This is the "writeup" from the circulated tape of this now-on-CD recording:

304 Bill Evans Trio, The Last Date, 9/10/80
Recorded live at Fat Tuesdays, NYC, Wednesday, September 10, 1980. Bill Evans died on Monday, September 15, 1980.Bill Evans piano, Marc Johnson bass, Joe LaBarbera drums. This was the first night of a five night engagement. Bill called in sick on the second night and Andy LaVerne was called by the club manager to fill in for him. This is from a tape of unknown origin and is poor quality, probably a small cassette recorder placed on the floor of the bandstand with automatic gain control. The tape is very bass cassette recorder placed on the floor of the bandstand with automatic gain control. The tape is very bass heavy and boomy. The order of tunes was edited by someone. This is not the original order.

304/1 My Foolish Heart 3:58
304/2 Letter to Evan 5:10
304/3 Polka Dots And Moonbeams (first set?) 6:15
304/4 Polka Dots And Moonbeams (second set?) 5:50
304/5 Like Someone In Love 6:21
304/6 Your Story 3:52
304/7 Tiffany 5:19
304/8 Time Remembered 5:38
304/9 Turn Out The Stars 6:13
304/10 If You Could See Me Now 6:10
304/11 Bill's Hit Tune (first set?) 7:39
304/12 Bill's Hit Tune (second set?) 8:44
304/13 I Do It For Your Love 5:28
304/14 Knit For Mary F (first set?) 6:13
304/15 Knit For Mary F (second set?) 6:21
304/16 Laurie 6:52
304/17 Nardis 16:17
304/18 The Two Lonely People 7:41
304/19 But Not For Me 8:43

















































Video: Bill Evans and Tony Bennett on Johnny Carson's "Tonight" Show

Catch this one before it is gone: It is a snippet of the Tony Bennett conversations with Clint Eastwood wherein the topic is the famous "Tony Bennett/Bill Evans" album. Mr. Bennett along with Martin Scorsese, Bill Charlap, Jonathan Schwartz and others discuss the famous pairing with Bill on the iconic album.

It also features part of the October 27, 1975 appearance on Johnny Carson's "Tonight" show when they performed Cy Coleman's "When In Rome".
Annie Ross (of famed vocal group Lambert, Hendricks & Ross) is credited by Tony as having had the idea for the album. Also interesting that Clint Eastwood mentions in passing that he apparently knows Bill's son, Evan Evans.

(Special thanks to Bruce Branigan for this item!)

CD: BILL EVANS TRIO "Live at LuLu Whites" (1979)

This CD was released by Gambit (Spain) on March 30. It's taken from a 'live' LuLu White's jazz club appearance in Boston of the Bill Evans Trio (Marc Johnson and Joe LaBarbera) and was beautifully recorded in stereo by Boston, MA jazz station WBGH-FM on October 30, 1979. It is very good sounding recording and the trio performs quite inspiredly and engaged. Bill sounds quite focused, clearly inspired and simply superb. The session serves as an outstanding example of the "last trio" in their prime in the intimate setting of a typical city jazz club of the time) . Why doesn't a legitimate AMERICAN record company put this out? Five stars!
The tunes:


Right now, see this cduniverse.com page for the album, which has a much better price for this import than does amazon.com.

Rare Bill Evans Interview In case you missed the broadcast of Ross Porter's dynamic and revealing, rare late 70s interview with Bill Evans, you now can hear it as a podcast at Jazz.FM91 here. Just check the box to the right of the last item on the list and click the blue play button.

The Wall Street Journal's Bill Evans article - Read this wonderful tribute written by our friend , the esteemed jazz critic Doug Ramsey here. For a little more (and a Desmond-Evans anecdote, see Doug's blog (which you should do every day, anyway, jazz lovers!)

Read the Bill Evans tributes from September here, Including a never-before published photo of Bill. Tributes by Andy Laverne, Jack Reilly, Brian Hennessey, Mike Harris, Dr. Rob Rijneke, Bruce Branigan and more.

The Scott LaFaro book and CD

scott lafaro CDThe Pieces of Jade CD features material previously unavailable to American audiences. Among the highlights is a rare glimpse inside the creative process with LaFaro in an extended practice session with Bill Evans, both of them working through a standard they practically owned, "My Foolish Heart." Also included are five selections recorded in New York City during 1961 that showcase LaFaro with pianist Don Friedman and drummer Pete LaRoca. Also featured is a more recent Friedman composition dedicated to the bassist, entitled Memories for Scotty, as well as a rare 13-minute Bill Evans interview.

Don Friedman, piano (1-5,8) Scott LaFaro, bass (1-5) Pete LaRoca, drums (1-5) Recorded in New York City 1961 (1-5) Track 6, Bill Evans and LaFaro.Track 8 recorded by George Klabin. More info and sound samples here.

And check out allaboutjazz.com's review here.

Make sure you check out Doug Ramsey's excellent piece "Listen To The Bass Player: Part 6, Scott LaFaro" for some excellent perspective on the great bassist. He includes some intriguing and little known quotes from Bill Evans. It's all part of a series that inclues some incisive material on Paul Chambers. Red Mitchell and other pioneers of the acoustic bass.

scott lafaro bookJade Visions: The Life and Music of Scott LaFaro (by Helene LaFaro-Fernandez, Introduction by Gene Lees, University of North Texas Press, 352 pp.) is now available This book is is the first biography of one of the twentieth century’s most influential jazz musicians and bassists. Best known for his landmark recordings with Bill Evans, LaFaro played bass a mere seven years before his life and career were tragically cut short by an automobile accident in July 1961, when he was only 25 years old.

LaFaro’s sister and well-known musicians and jazz experts (like the late Gene Lees, Eddie Gomez, Marc Johnson, the late Bud Shank, Ornette Coleman and many more tell the musician’s story and reflect on his amazing legacy. His early life is well-chronicled, as is his work with Coleman, Victor Feldman, Stan Getz and others, including, of course his defining work with the Bill Evans Trio. There are many photos (none with Bill, oddly) and a disography. Several chapters explain (with musical examples) Scottie's revolutionary technique and musical contribution ot the music's history. A well-written, hearfelt and rather thorough biography. Recommended!


New CD: The Complete Bill Evans -Tony Scott

tony scott - bill evans CDupdated: "All known performances with Bill performing with Tony together here on one CD" says cduniverse.com. Let's' face it, the "Lone Hill" label (from Spain) hasn't had the best track record in accurately labeling its recordings and even names of tracks. Researching through the Evans discography, all tracks from the following titles that should have been on the set, ifit can be called "complete." Such a collection would have to include all material from : The Touch of Tony Scott (RCA Victor LPM 1353) July 1956, The Complete Tony Scott (RCA Victor LPM 1452) Dec. 1956, Free Blown Jazz (Carlton STLP 12 113) Nov. 1957, My Kind of Jazz /(Perfect PL 12010), The Modern Art of Jazz / (Seeco CLP 425) Nov. 1957, Golden Moments /(Muse MR 5230) Aug.1959, Sung Heroes / (Sunnyside SSC1015 D) Oct 1959 with Bill, Scott Lafaro and Paul Motian.

However, of course, they do not.

Thanks to our longtime friends Eric Min-Tung in France and Dr. Rob Rijneke in The Netherlands, here is the lowdown on all the tracks in the set. Although there are some rarities hard to find, the CD title itself is definitely deceptive by using the word "complete". But with Lonehill (In Spain, where copyright and public domain laws and regulations are very different than those of the USA,, we can't say we're surprised. Buyer beware.

* Walkin'
* I Can't Get Started
* Free And Easy Blues
* My Melancholy Baby
* Stella By Starlight
* I'll Remember April
*  A Night In Tunisia
* Garrison's Raiders
* Misery
*Requiem For 'Hot Lips' Page
*Blues For An African Friend
* There Will Never Be Another You
* If I'm Lucky (I'll Be The One)
*A Shoulder To Cry On
* Deep Purple
* Aeolian Drinkin' Song
*Round Midnight
* Vanilla Frosting On A Beef Pie
* For Stefan Wolpe
* Israel
* Like Someone In Love

TONY SCOTT -clarinet
on all tracks, plus
CD1: Jimmy Garrison (b), Pete La Roca (d).
The Showplace, New York, August 1 & 9, 1959.

CD 2, 1-3: Scott LaFaro (b), Paul Motian (d).
New York, October 28-29, 1959.

CD 2, 4-7: Henry Grimes (b on 4-6),
Milt Hinton (b on 7), Paul Motian (d).
New York, ca. November 16, 1957.

CD 2, 8-11: Les Grinage (b), Lennie McBrowne (d).
New York, July 6, 1956.

*Bonus tracks:
CD2, 12-13: Same as CD2, 1-3, except bass and
drums omitted. These are Bill Evans-Tony Scott duets.
CD2, 14: Same as CD1, except Tony Scott omitted; 

It is assumed that LoneHill (or any other company putting out such products, have settled for royalties with the Evans estate and others involved. Thus, we do not endorse nor recommend products that have not done so, and we provide any patriculars as a public service strictly for informational purposes only.

DVD - Trio and Umbria and Hamburg Quartet

bill evans-umbria DVDNEW DVD: BILL EVANS TRIO 1978: UMBRIA/1972: (QUARTET with HERB GELLER in HAMBURG) This release from a European company known as Disconforme (?) presents two performances by Bill Evans for the first time ever on DVD. First, live at the Umbria Jazz festival, Umbria, Italy, July 19, 1978, and a rehearsal filmed for German TV with reedman Herb Geller in Hamburg, 1972. Some of this footage has been floating around on YouTube for a while (as noted here a few months back) but the 1978 trio with Philly Joe is rare. It's an import, and I held off a few weeks after hearing it was out, since I saw no American outlet offering it at the time.
Now it appears on amazon.com, but only being sold by resellers (Price: about $18.00) and at cduniverse.com for a little less.
Umbria Jazz Festival: (with Marc Johnson, bass and Philly Joe Jones, drums; Lee Konitz appears on alto sax)DVD TRACKS:

01. The Peacocks 6:10
02. Theme From Mash 4:38
03. Midnight Mood 5:20
04. Nardis/Announcement by Bill Evans 8:00
05. Solar [incomplete] 4:18

Studio Rehearsal, Funkhaus, Hamburg, Germany, February 12, 1972. (with Herb Geller, piccolo flute/alto flute/sax, Eddie Gomez on bass and Marty Morell on drums.)

bill with herb geller

06. Waltz for Dissention [Geller-piccolo flute] 4:27
07. Stockenhagen [Geller-alto flute] 5:41
08. What Is This Thing Called Love? [Geller-alto sax] 4:47
09. Sao Paulo [Geller-alto flute] 1:42
10. Northern Trail [Geller-alto flute] 8:50

The Complete Tony Bennett - Bill Evans recordings CD

Complete Bennett -Evans CDA sublime 2-CD collection that spotlights the iconic song stylist dueting with the legendary jazz pianist from their two albums recorded in 1975 & 1976. Disc 1 combines the originally issued recordings, The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album and Together Again (originally on Bennett's own now-defunct IMPROV label) with two bonus tracks. Disc 2 features alternate takes from both sessions. Originally produced by Evans manager Helen Keane, the remastered compilations is produced by Nick Phillips with new liner notes by Will Friedwald. For lots more information on the tracks and more. See Concord Record's page on the CD here.Read a brand new and rather "personal" review by Will Layman at popmatters.com

*** Here's a wonderful review from the CBC (Canada)
*** Read jazz critic DOUG RAMSEY's review here

CD (import): The Bill Evans Trio 'Live' in Paris, 1974

billevans live in paris 1974
Released on the infamous Gambit (Spain) label, this performance was recorded live in Paris, August 1974 with Eddie Gomez and Marty Morell, It was originally released on LP back in the 1980s as Bill Evans Trio Live in Europe, Vol. 1 (EPM Musique FDC 5712) and Vol. 2 (EPM Musique FDC 5713)

Only 10 of the total 21 tracks are here on the CD, and are as follows: 1. Up With The Lark (6:29), 2. 34 Skidoo (7:23), 3. Quiet Now (4:48), 4. Twelve Tone Tune (3:46),

5. Midnight Mood (6:22), 6. Sugar Plum (4:10), 7. If You Could See Me Now (6:07), 8. The Two Lonely People (5:48), 9. Waltz For Debby (4:59), 10. Goodbye (3:31) Total Time: 53:27

(Ordering info at cduniverse.com here)

(Our thanks to our friend Dr. Rob Rijneke from the Netherlands for updated info)

See the exclusive interview with LAURIE VERCHOMIN (Bill's girlfriend, who spent his last eighteen months with him) by Marc Myers on his blog, . Lots of personal revelations, and several surprises. It ran in five parts, MON -FRI (AUG. 21). withmore detailed or new information, filling in some gaps about Evans' final months. Do not miss this one. And if you haven't seen it yet, here is Laurie's own exclusive-to-our-site article, "September 15, 1980" from her forthcoming book.

Bill Evans - Concert DVD: the "Jazz Icons" series
jazz icons-bill evans DVD
See our DVD review by special guest contributor MIKE ("Secret Sessions")

NAXOS and Reelin' in the Years Productions has released this excellent DVD as part of its highly acclaimed "Jazz Icons" series. (the six other releases in the series include Oscar Peterson, Sonny Rollins, Cannonball Adderley, Nina Simone, Lionel Hampton and Rahsaan Roland Kirk -- all are sold separately, of course.)

There are five filmed Evans trio performances (including a tune with jazz legend Lee Konitz sitting in) from between 1964 and 1975. Two of these (the longer ones!) have rarely been seen, as far I know -- and we finally get to see drummer Eliot Zigmund with the trio. The whole package is beautifully done, and jazz fans will be quite pleased with the attention to detail and the obvious care that went into this effort. The set includes a beautiful 23-page booklet with rare photos and essays, including a new interview with Chuck Israels as well as Maxine Evans. (see the "Jazz Icons"dedicated site for the Bill Evans DVD here, for extensive details, and preview - it's quite a treat!)

Below is a list of the performances and the what, where and who.
Order it now, you don't want to be without this one!


Bill Evans- DVD insert
1. My Foolish Heart
2. Israel

Sweden September 29, 1964 -with Chuck Israels (bass) ,
Larry Bunker (drums)
3. Detour Ahead
4. My Melancholy Baby (featuring Lee Konitz -alto sax)

France 1965
- with Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen (bass),
Alan Dawson (drums) 5. Emily
6. Alfie
7. Someday My Prince Will Come
Denmark 1970 - Eddie Gomez (bass), Marty Morrell (drums)



8. If You Could See Me Now
9. 'Round Midnight
10. Someday My Prince Will Come
11. Sleepin' Bee
12. You're Gonna Hear From Me
13. Re: Person I Knew

Sweden, February 20, 1970 -with Eddie Gomez (bass) , Marty Morrell (drums)

14. Sareen Jurer
15. Blue Serge
16. Up With The Lark
17. But Beautiful
18. Twelve Tone Tune Two

Denmark 1975 (in studio) -with Eddie Gomez (bass) , Eliot Zigmund (drums)

(Images courtesy of Reelin in the Years Productions, LLC and Naxos. All rights reserved.)

oslo dvd
THE OSLO CONCERTS: This DVD was released in January by Koch International. First is a 31 -minute, October 1966 concert with Eddie Gomez on bass and Alex Riel on drums (same one as the Japanese DVD release "Autumn Leaves: Live -66" )

Next is the August 1980 Molde Jazz Festival appearance with Johnson and LaBarbera (plus the post-concert interview, the full version which we published here). Both performances have not been available in the USA until now.

The Molde concert is an absolute must if you haven't seen it -- this version of "Your Story" alone (clip above) is worth the modest price, not to mention the deep and exploratory, tour-de-force of "Nardis". The audience looks mesmerized.

You'll be too!

Ejazzlines has a great price: $18.99 (USA)

- In part two, Bill Evans drummer (from 1966-74) Marty Morell reveals more in this interview with webmaster Jan Stevens about his years working with Bill, the hassle when Stan Getz' sat in on tour with the trio in Europe, the "Living Time" album fiasco, why he left the trio, the Evans legacy, the music, his current projects and his CD, and much, much more. Fascinating stuff!
(If you missed it, here's part one.)

Last but hopefully not least ... ONE OF OUR VERY FIRST ITEMS AFTER WE CHANGED OUR DOMAIN NAME-- the NYC Bill Evans Tribute Concert in 2000
A masterful review by our friend, jazz enthusiast and Evans fan extraordinaire Bruce Branigan. The 2000 concert featured pianists Marian McPartland, Bill Charlap, Dick Hyman, Fred Hirsch, Jack Reilly and your humble webmaster, Jan Stevens..

Evans songbooks

ATTENTION MUSICIANS! DON'T FORGET THESE FINE MUSIC BOOKS OF BILL EVANS SOLOS AND TRANSCRIPTIONS. They are published by TRO, Inc. and available through Hal Leonard Publishing and other music outlets!


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